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Find Wine Under $15 that Beat $50 Plus WineThe-Wine-Trials-2010

Have you heard of blind wine tasting?  We learned about it when for Christmas 2008, we bought the “The Wine Trials: 100 Everyday Wines Under $15 that Beat $50 to $150 Wines in Brown-Bag Blind Tastings” as a gift for our son, Justin. Linda liked the topics in the book so she bought us one too.

The book gave Linda the idea of hosting a blind wine tasting party, so she decided to host one.

We have a group of friends we party with so we invited them over for the blind wine tasting.  This party was such a hit, the group decided to make it a tradition and rotate the venue from home to home in the future.

We get together about five times per year.  The host and hostess for the event specify the type of wine for the tasting.  The host and hostess provide the entrée.  Guests bring appetizers side dishes, and dessert.

The rules for the blind wine tasting are:

  • The bottle cannot cost more than $15.  We started with $10, but we have widened our price range since then.
  • Write the store where the wine was purchased and the price on the bottle.
  • Take the foil cover off the top of the bottle since that can sometimes identify the wine.
  • Put the bottle in a brown bag so all marks that identify the brand are covered.

At the party, the bags are numbered, the bottles are  opened, and they are  placed on the table to breathe.

Each person samples each bottle and rates the wine on a scale of 1 – 5 with 5 being the highest.  Each is rated individually, not in order of preference.  The score cards are given to the accountant who adds up the total scores for each bottle.  The highest score wins.

After the blind wine tasting is finished, the bottles are removed from the bags to see what we have been sampling.  We all take notes of the store and the price.  The remaining wine is enjoyed with dinner which gives us plenty of wine with our meal.

This makes for a great party and spreads the cost for the food and the wine among the group.

Start a blind wine tasting party with your friends.  They will think you are a genius.  It might develop into the group event like ours.

The authors have updated the “Wine Trials” book for 2010.  We recommend that you buy it to help you choose the wine that you will take to the tasting.  As we did, you will also learn about some great wines at great prices.